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We're small, yes, but experienced too.


About Us.

Mindful Distributors is a boutique distributor serving the Bay area. After years with large distributors, we took our expertise and formed a smaller, more responsive, more purposeful company better poised to align brewers’, retailers’, and customers’ needs.

A Purposeful Company.

We know there are tons of beer brands to choose from. We know you only have so much space in your beer aisle, only so many taps. To restore balance between brands and customers, we take the time to step back, tune in, and really gauge where the industry is going. Then we choose only the brewers and beers we believe in and can get behind. That means we’re not pitching you the flavor of the month. We’re pitching you brands we’re developing so they’ll be there for your customers now and five years from now. And by “now” we mean (more or less) now. We deliver next day so you can get down to the business of selling great beer. We hope you’ll trust our opinions in helping you curate the beers we offer customers. We stake our reputation on the excellence of our brewers.

We take care of our beer so it comes to you as fresh as possible. Our warehouse is 100% refrigerated, and we keep our stock small so the beer can’t get old. Got a question about freshness? Just ask. Our expert team understands the proper storage and service of our beers and is happy to help.

Our Mission.

At Mindful Distributing, we air for a harmonious alignment of breweries and retailers. To that end, we keep our senses attuned to trends in the industry, and we keep our breweries’ beers fresh on our lips. But we keep our feet firmly rooted in your bar or beer aisle—where you know your customers best. True peace comes from consistent service, fresh beer, and trustworthy expertise. That is, from mindfulness.


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2935 Adeline St
Oakland Ca 94608

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Our Coverage
San Mateo County, San Francisco, Marin, Alameda Counties, Contra Costa, Sacramento, Santa Clara and Sonoma Counties  


A Purposeful Team.

Our people have been in the industry for long enough to know what it takes to put quality over cost-reduction and people over profit margins. If you want to know about a beer, our team will be able to tell you about it because they’ve tried it. Heck, they’ve toured the brewery and met the brewer. They can even tell you some beer history if you’ve got the time. And if they don’t know something, they know who to call at the brewery to find out.


Phil Birnbaum

Phil is our yogi, our guru, and not just because he's old. With almost three decades of experience in the beer industry as a manager and owner in both small and large distributors, we rely on his wisdom, experience and drive. Phil is a guide in the ways of building brands and putting us on the path to brewery alignment and peace. He is committed to the growth of our small portfolio through daily service to our partners.

General Manager

David Kindernay

Dave is a man of many talents. He’s our general manager, sure, but he also takes it upon himself to be our merchandiser, sign painter, salesman, draft manager, events coordinator, and warehouse supervisor. He orders beer, sells beer, handles the finances, does the routing, forecasting, reporting and more. After all of that, when asked what the toughest part of his job is, his response is optimistic: "Keeping a straight face and acting like I’m not having the time of my life.”

sales manager

Grant Smith

Grant has worked in beer distribution since he was 18 years old. He began his career as a delivery driver and worked his way up through every aspect of the business. Now, he mentors the next generation of sales staff as the head of the Mindful sales team. 


Sales & Delivery

Brian Meuel

Brian makes the rest of us look lazy. For one - he took the Cicerone Certification Program’s intense 5-day boot camp and has become a Level 2 Certified Cicerone. When he’s not delivering fresh beer, he keeps samples on hand so he can stop in and sample out retailers. That's drive.