Mindful Distributors


A More Thoughtful Beer Distributor.


We built a more thoughtful beer distributor for the Bay Area.

Mindful Distributors is a boutique distributor serving the Bay area. After years at large distributors, we took our expertise and formed a smaller, more responsive, more purposeful company better poised to align brewers’, retailers’, and customers’ needs.

We know there are tons of beer brands to choose from, and recognize that retailers only have so much space in their beer aisle, only so many taps. Every day these retailers are sold beers from distributors on a crowded schedule designed to throw hundreds of possible SKUs into the mix, regardless of merit. To restore balance between brands and customers, we take the time to step back, tune in, and really gauge where the industry is going. Then we choose only the beers we believe in and can get behind. That means we’re not pitching you the flavor of the month. We’re offering you brewers and brands that are right for your customers now (and five years from now). 


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2935 Adeline St
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(510) 350-7468

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